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We recently arrived in sunny Sapri to compete as the IBFA-UK team at the IBFA Universe 2016! The team this year is absolutely fantastic, the finest of the IBFA-UK that have worked incredibly hard throughout the year, competeing in qualifiers throughout the country, arriving at the IBFA Britain finals for a chance at glory and the opportunity to accompany me to Sapri to compete on the world stage. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into everyday of training and meticulous dieting; and that's why these indiciduals are the absolute top of their classes, they deserve all the credit possible for their dedication and of course, their fantastic physiques! 

The team was as follows: 

Bob Dawson

John Barber

Andy Lawley

Roy McLean

Neale Cranwell

Layla Allen

Ailsa Gill

Kevin 'Peak-Physique'

James Room

Jason Corrick


The results were absolutely fantastic, with John Barber taking first in the overall 65's, Layla Allen as the overall 35's winner, and Kevin the 'Peak Physique' coming in 2nd in the overall tall, just to name a few! Check out a few of the photos below: 







An incredible show of passion here in Sapri, my job to inspire passion and hard work feels as though it has been validated here this week, seeing the standard our team has put on is one I've not quite seen before! Onwards and upwards! October 22nd is the next big date on the cards with the IBFA Worlds taking place in Rome! Once again, a massive congratulations to all the competitors here in Sapri, you should be incredibly proud of the work you've put in, and delighted with the results you've recieved in return. 


- Martyn Yates Brown. 



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