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In 2017, Yates Evolution 2 Gym, the base of IBFA UK operations, welcomed Sam Mulla as the very first official athlete for the Journeyman Bodybuilder, Martyn Yates Brown, the president of the IBFA-UK. 

The fates of the young bodybuilder and the seasoned veteran collided in early 2017 when Sam and his training partner Aidan Reay made waves in the gym as two strong and dedicated training partners. 

Under the guidance of Martyn, Sam embarked on his first bodybuilding show; his victory only cemented the drive to win, and under further tuition, Martyn honed his physique for balance and aesthetics, the results are telling! 


With victories in all his homeland shows, Sam went to Sapri to compete against the best of his age on the world stage, earning himself a world title. His balance, size, and aesthetic presentation are at the highest level for someone of his age, and he is a burning bright prospect for both Yates Evolution as its first sponsored athlete, and for british bodybuilding itself. He has also laid the groundwork for further young athletes to compete under the Yates Evolution banner, inspiring those wishing to explore the world of bodybuilding seriously.

The achievement of these men is testament to grassroots bodybuilding, Sam trains hard, eats well and clean, and focuses wholly on bodybuilding, and has reaped the rewards for himself. Martyn's gentle guidance has helped him understand the nuance of what it means to be a bodybuilder, and it is exciting to see where Sam goes next!