About Us

Martyn Yates Brown - IBFA UK Chairman

Martyn Yates Brown – I’ve been the IBFA UK President since 2011, as well as a British and World champion bodybuilder for over 50 years. I now preside over the IBFA UK qualifiers throughout the UK, which culminates in British and World competitions. Now an established as a grassroots federation that pursues aesthetics and an old-school ethos to fit the shows! The IBFA UK is a non- profit organisation and all the clothing and supplements you buy will help fund judges, officials and athletes to compete abroad, I firmly believe in cultivating a proffesional, but classic bodybuilding foundation that’ll last for years to come.

The IBFA-UK believes in catering to as wide a range of competitors as possible, and as such, we offer a vast range of classes! These are as follows:

Juniors; under 18, 21/24yrs. Athletes short and tall,over 45/50/55/60. Mr Short, Medium and Tall. First timers, novice, ladies toned/trained/physique. All promoters are independent and may not put all of these classes on in their shows. However, at the finals we have them all – except the first timer. The IBFA Universe and Europe is held in Sapri and always falls on the first weekend in July and the Worlds is held on the last weekend in October. IBFA UK does not restrict you entering other federations. Bob Dawson is Vice President, and Midlands/Southern representative. Ryan Wade is the Northern representative, James Salmond is the Scottish President and Liam Stewart the Irish President. Biagio Filizola is the IBF Founder and President!